discografia ramones menos 1er disco.. no venia

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discografia ramones menos 1er disco.. no venia

Mensaje por megadeth el Lun Abr 21, 2008 7:52 am

Esta es toda la discografía de estudio de Los Ramones (excepto su primer cd que no lo pude encontrar).

The Ramones - Leave Home

01-Glad to see you go
02-Gimme, gimme shock treatment
03-I remember you
04-Oh oh I love her so
05-Shenna is a punk rocker
06-Suzy is a headbanger
08-Now i wanna be a good boy
09-Swallow my pride
10-What´s your game
11-California sun
13-You´re gonna kill that girl
14-You should never have opened that door

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megaupload.com XN47II6F

The Ramones - Rocket to Russia

01-Cretin hop
02-Rockaway beach
03-Here today, gone tomorrow
04-Locket love
05-I don`t care
06-Sheena is a punk rocker
07-We`re a happy family
08-Teenage lobotomy
09-Do you wanna dance
10-I wanna be well
11-I can`t give you anything
13-Surfin` bird
14-Why is it always this way
16-I want you around (original version)

Descarga - 33.8mb
megaupload.com DN0YYLS2

The Ramones - Road to ruin

01-I Just Want To Have Something To Do
02-I Wanted Everything
03-Don't Come Close
04-I Don't Want You
05-Needles And Pins
06-I'm Against It
07-I Wanna Be Sedated
08-Go Mental
10-She's The One
11-Bad Brain
12-It's A Long Way Back

Descarga - 28.8mb
megaupload.com 5MKKYJHF

The Ramones - It's alive

01-Rockaway Beach
02-Teenage Lobotomy
03-Blitzkrieg Bop
04-I Wanna Be Well
05-Glad To See You Go
06-Gimme Gime Shock Treatment
07-You're Gonna Kill That Girl
08-I Don't Care
09-Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
10-Havana Affair
12-Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
13-Surfin Bird
14-Cretin Hop
15-Listen To My Heart
16-California Sun
17-I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You
19-Do You Wanna Dance
21-Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World
22-I Wanna be A Good Boy
23-Judy Is A Punk
24-Suzy Is A Headbanger
25-Let's Dance
26-Oh, Oh I Love Her So
27-Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue
28-We're A Happy Family

Descarga - 49.2mb
megaupload.com YNB80MMO

The Ramones - End of the century

01-Do you remember rock `n` roll radio?
02-I`m affected
03-Danny says
04-Chinese rock
05-The return of Jackie and Judy
06-Let`s go
07-Baby, i love you
08-I can`t make it on time
09-This ain`t Havana
10-Rock `n` roll high school
11-All the way
12-High risk insurance

Descarga - 30.3mb
megaupload.com DPLLKWN7

The Ramones - Pleasant dreams

01-We want the airwaves
02-All´s quiet on the eastern front
03-The KKK took my baby away
04-Doon´t go
05-You sound like you´re sick
06-It´s no my place
07-She´s a sensation
09-You didn´t mean anything to me
10-Come on now
11-This business is killing me
12-Siting in my room

Descarga - 31.1mb
megaupload.com UAMRCWMY

The Ramones - Subterranean jungle

01-Little bit o´soul
02-I need your love
04-What´d ya do
05-Highest trails above
06-Somebody like me
07-Psycho therapy
08-Time has come today
09-My- my kind of a girl
10-In the park
11-Time bomb
12-Everytime i eat vegetables it makes me think of you

Descarga - 30.3mb
megaupload.com NY77VLVK

The Ramones - Too tough to die

01-Mama´s boy
02-I´m not afraid of life
03-To tough to die
04-Durango 95
05-Wart hog
06-Danger zone
07-Chasing the night
08-Howling at the moon (sha-la-la)
09-Daytime dilemma (Dangers of love)
10-Planet earth 1988
12-Endless vacation
13-No go

Descarga - 33mb
megaupload.com 7P6LII87

The Ramones - Animal boy

01-Somebody put something in my drink
02-Animal boy
03-Love kills
04-Apeman hop`
05-She belongs to me
06-Crummy stuff
07-My brain is hanging upside down (Bonzo goes to Bitburg)
08-Mental hell
09-Eat that rat
10-Freak of nature
11-Hair of the dog
12-Something to belive in

Descarga - 28.6mb
megaupload.com WAEETD3O

The Ramones - Halfway to sanity

01-I wanna live
02-Bop ´til you drop
03-Garden of serenity
04-Weasel face
05-Go lil´camaro go
06-I know better now
07-Death of me
08-I lost my mind
09-A real cool time
10-I´m not Jesus
11-Bye, bye baby
12-Worm man

Descarga - 27.2mb
megaupload.com BO69FUF4

The Ramones - Brain Drain

01 - I belive in miracles
02 - Zero zero UFO
03 - Don´t bust my chops
04 - Punishment fist the crime
05 - All screwed up
06 - Palisades park
07 - Pet sematary
08 - Learn to listen
09 - Can´t get you outta my mind
10 - Ignorance is bliss
11 - Come back, baby
12 - Merry chistmas (I don´t want to fight tonight)

Descarga - 31.5mb
megaupload.com LIT8ER59

The Ramones - Mondo bizarro

02-The job that ate my brain
03-Poison heart
05-Strength to endure
06-It´s gonna be alright
07-Take it as it comes
08-Main man
09-Tomorrow she goes away
10-I won´t let it happen
11-Cabbies on crack
12-Heidi is a headcase

Descarga - 33.4mb
megaupload.com CG3VTV6D

The Ramones - Acid eaters

01-Journey to the center of the mind
03-Out of time
04-The shape of things to come
05-Somebody to love
06-When i was young
07-7 and 7 is
08-My back pages
09-Can´t seem to make you mine
10-Have you ever seen the rain
11-I can´t control myself
12-Surf city

Descarga - 27.9mb
megaupload.com ENY6U68W

The Ramones - ¡Adios amigos!

01-I don´t want to grow up
02-Makin monsters for my friends
03-It´s not for me to know
04-The Crusher
05-Life´s a gas
06-Take the pain away
07-I love you
08-Cretin family
09-Have a nice day
11-Got alot to say
12-She talk to rainbows
13-Born to die in Berlin

Descarga - 30.5mb
megaupload.com MI5DDRAD

Y agrego este:

The Ramones - Mania

01-I wanna be sedated
02-Teenage lobotomy
03-Do you remember rock ´n´ roll radio
04-Gimme, gimme shock treatment
05-Beat on the brat
06-Sheena is a punk rocker
07-I wanna live
09-Blitzkrieg bop
10-Cretin hop
11-Rockaway beach
13-I wanna be your boyfriend
14-Mama´s boy
15-Bop´til you drop
16-We´re a happy family
17-Bonzo goes to Bitburg
19-Psycho therapy
20-Wart hog
21-Animal boy
22-Needles & pins
23-Howling at the moon (sha-la-la)
24-Somebody put something in my drink
25-We want the airwaves
26-Chinese rock
27-I just wanna have something to do
28-The KKK took my baby away
29-Indian giver
30-Rock and roll high school

Descarga - 68.2mb
megaupload.com 73J5197R

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Re: discografia ramones menos 1er disco.. no venia

Mensaje por TITAN el Sáb Mayo 03, 2008 12:58 am

ese pinche megaupload vale verga

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